That Time of Year Again – Change Your Password

I’m a little grateful that at work, they send me nag emails every 6 months, or whatever it is, to change my password.  Yes, it can be a pain in the butt, as I have to come up with both a Windows 16 character password, and a unix 8 character password (along with the special characters, non-repeating patterns, etc).  Thanks to Lastpass, it helps me keep track of all my passwords.

It’s funny, the day that IT sent those emails, there was a flurry of helpdesk calls (I had to go to IT for a different reason).  Every time employees are forced to change their password, expect IT Helpdesk to be really busy.

With the password change reminder, this got me thinking about all my other passwords.  It’s good they remind me, which prompts me to go ahead and change my personal passwords too!  How often do you change your passwords?  Personally, I don’t do it enough.  Although I do have two-factor authentication, I still think changing your password is necessary.  Don’t give hackers even the opportunity to compromise you.

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Sunsets are Cool in Autumn

I can definitely tell the change in season, from summer to fall, not because of the turning of the leaves, and yes, there is the temperature thing … but the sunsets and sunrises are spectacular.  It makes bad amateur photographers, like me, look good.

Some of these were edited with Lightroom, but the first one was not … it was so stark, I left it by itself.  Sunsets are awesome here.

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New Toy – Micro 4/3 Mirrorless Camera

Ok, maybe you should call me a boy with toys … If anyone knows me well, I like technology, whether it comes to network equipment, bikes, if it’s high tech, I’m into it.  I’ve always like taking photos, so why not have photography as one of those hobbies.  Actually, I did dabble with photography back in high school, and a little bit in college, but that was way back before the digital age.


I’ve always liked smaller, compact cameras, and when I looked at DSLR cameras, they were all fairly big.  Then, I started researching about the concept of 4/3 format mirrorless cameras.  The whole concept of the SLR, where you have a mirror that reflects off to the viewfinder, means you need to have physical space to allow this.  Since everything is digital, there is no need for a mirror anymore.  However, the DSLR still is huge.  I then read that with the micro 4/3 format, the size of the sensor (which actually replaces the surface area of the old film) is smaller, as well as the lenses.  When compared to the old lenses of SLR’s, the focal length is actually doubled.  For example, a 25 mm lense would be analogous to a 50 mm SLR lens.  When I read this, it’s a no brainer … smaller camera body, smaller lens, I’m in for it.

I think what pushed me over the edge was the Amazon deal of the day offers on Facebook.  Curse you Amazon … you keep making me spend money … but it’s all good.

Now just because I have this really cool camera, does not mean I take good pictures.  I try, but at least it enhances the chances of a better picture.

Now these were all taken with some of the pre-canned settings … all I have to start playing around, using raw settings, combined with Lightroom.

You may be wondering, how do I take these pictures, while being on the bike?  Well, it’s amazing how compact this camera can fit in my camelbak!


Otherwise, I have my commuter bike, and can fit it in my bag, along with stuffing my change of clothes in the same bag as well.


If I don’t ride my commuter bike, then it’s either the camelbak, or a light back pack.

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Getting the Mileage Back up Again

It’s been awhile since I last blogged on here … Sorry about that.  I’ve had a bunch of other things going on.

I think I’ve finally been able to get some consistency in my riding (recovering from an accident in March, which took me out for 2 months, and a little more time, from a fall where I broke my fall with my left hand/wrist).  It hasn’t been a really productive year so far, but I am glad to report that the month of August reveal a 700+ mile month.

It’s a bit strange, as I compiled all this much mileage, but I didn’t really have a 70+ mile day in the entire month.  The largest was a solo 62 mile ride, but I guess all the medium distance rides do add up.

I was able to get in 780 miles, and I wasn’t even training for an event.  I don’t think I’ll have any centuries or double centuries lined up.  My weekend schedules are so up in the air these days, it’s hard to schedule, and train for something.

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Another Reason Why I Love My Nexus Phone

Recently, there have been some exploits on Android, and most recently, there was Stagefright.  This is ones that allows you to remotely control your phone.  Scary. 

I found out about this from an app I have called Lookout, which is like a antivirus for the phone.  It alerted me of this, started some workarounds, but really, you would need to get an update on Android to fix it.  Coincidentally, I see an Android update.  More specifically, a security update.

It updates, and then I check for Stagefright, and no longer vulnerable.  Cool.  That’s one of the benefits of Nexus, and that is they are the first ones with the latest Android update.

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Keep the Rubber Side Down … Apparently is Hard For Me To Do

People always use the phrase “Keep the Rubber Side Down” … meaning to stay upright.  Well … that’s easier said than done for me lately.

Last year, I’m riding down this road, not looking up, and not knowing I’m going faster than the tandem in front of me.  Boom … cracked ribs.

Then, March of this year, on my commute, I hit something and I go down … again cracked ribs.

Last week, the road was wet, slick … and I’m just about home … in fact, I’m in the parking lot at home … make a left turn, and the wheel slides from under me, and I go down again.  Thankfully, no cracked ribs, but a sore wrist.

Maybe I need some armor on my rides?

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New Phone Earlier Than Expected

I’ve generally been pretty happy with my Nexus 5, but I had to go ahead and get a new Nexus 6.  Why?

Well, earlier in the year, I used a phone bike mount, so I can track where I go.  You may be asking why would that make a difference.  Well, there were a few good sized storms, and as a result, the phone would get wet.  But did that concern me?  No, but maybe it should have.  I mean the phone was still working just that it would get a little wet.  Well some time later, my phone decided it didn’t want to charge anymore.  I fried the USB port.  Luckily I had a Qi wireless charger, so I still could charge up my battery.  However, after time, the contacts were not being detected on the charger, so I forced my way to get a new phone.

I loved my Nexus 5, despite the problem I had where it would shut down on its own.  The Bluetooth would also get a little flaky.  I love that I’m able to get the latest Android OS update before any phones do, so that’s why I went with  a Nexus 6.  Ooh well time fit the splurge.

I decided to see if Amazon has some good deals, and low and behold, they are selling Nexus 6 $150 less than everyone else.  Sold, to the tech junkie dork.


I was hoping I could just transfer the SIM from my Nexus 5 to my Nexus 6, but the form factors are different, so I had to go into the T-Mobile store.  At least I didn’t have to wait in line at a Genius Store.

One really nice thing about Nexus is that you can copy data from one phone to the other using NFC.  They made it so easy to transfer data from one phone to another.  No all I had to do was download all the apps that I had.   the only other problem I had was I had to unlink Google Authenticator and RSA token.  Boy what a pain in the butt that was.

Now to get used to carrying around this huge phone in my pocket.  I’m going to have to find some jerseys with deep pockets.  But are least I can charge my phone must easier.

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